V10P-AC Air Purifier for Cassette AC Units

Elevate your air quality with the AiroScience V10P-AC, a versatile antiviral air purification system compatible with any ceiling-mounted cassette AC unit. Designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing air conditioning, it instantly enhances air quality and mitigates airborne infection risks in any indoor setting.

Air Purifier for Cassette AC Units

The AiroScience V10P-AC stands out as an essential tool for enhancing indoor air quality, compatible with any ceiling-mounted cassette AC unit. It quickly improves the air, reducing airborne infection risks, vital for maintaining health in workspaces, homes, and public areas.

Equipped with a smart, sustainable feature, the V10P-AC’s ControBox activates the UV-A LEDs automatically when it detects air movement, ensuring efficient operation and a long lifespan of 50,000 hours. This not only lowers operating costs but also guarantees continual air purification.

Healthy Indoor Air is Essential

Prioritizing indoor well-being and health is crucial. The AiroScience V10P-AC contributes significantly to this goal by enhancing air treatment systems, ensuring the air is free from pollutants and viruses, thereby safeguarding the health of individuals in various indoor environments.

AiroScience Retrofit Kit

Leveraging advanced UV LED photocatalysis, the AiroScience air purifier effectively eliminates viruses, bacteria, and odors, ensuring long-lasting air quality without leaving behind any harmful residues.

Designed for ceiling cassette integration, this fanless air purifier cleans airflow in air conditioning systems of any size. It’s perfect for both new constructions and retrofitting existing setups. With its universal design, the kit seamlessly adapts to all standard AC models, providing versatile and comprehensive air purification solutions.

Art. No. V10P-AC
Product description and scope of use Air purification filter for installation in cassette AC units
Purification technology UV-A LED Photocatalysis (wavelength 385nm) + Titanium dioxide (TiO2)
Effectiveness 99.9% proven antiviral & antibacterial effect
Filter scope of application Designed for non-aggressive gases in dust- ltered air
Supported systems Compatible with all manufacturers and product models
Operating temperature 0-50°C / 32-122°F
Noise 0 dB (passive)
Dimensions L×W×H (mm / inch) 49.8 x 462.2 x 462.2 / 1.96 x 18.2 x 18.2 (excl. ControBox)
Weight (kg / lbs) 1,0 / 2.2
Installation Universal fit, mounting directly on the front flap
Produktlebensdauer Min. 50.000h
Warranty24 months
Art. No. CB-230/12-V10
Dimensions L×W×H (mm / inch) 250 × 160 × 90 / 9.84 x 6.29 x 3.54
Protection class IP 65
Connection On-site via device connection RST 16/3
Voltage 230 V AC 50 Hz or 110 V 60 Hz (customizable according to local regulations)
Load current 0,2 A
Power consumption 40 W
Airflow sensor to activate the filter FFilter will automatically activate if differential pressure is >= 20 Pa
Voltage photocatalysis module 412 V DC
Unit status indicator Unit ready for operation = green LED
Status indicator Photocatalysis filter activated = blue LED
Checking photocatalysis module Press the button on the control box to check the filter absorption in real time (12 V; 4.5 A). Lower values might indicate that some of the filter LEDs are malfunctioning.

Installation and Maintenance

Effortlessly attach the air purification kit to your ceiling air conditioner with the included special adapter. Photocatalytic air purification starts automatically when the air conditioner turns on, seamlessly enhancing its function without impeding performance. Air first moves through a pre-filter, then the AiroScience UV PCO filter, where it is instantly sanitized before entering the cassette air conditioner. As a result, air circulated back into the room is clean and purified, ensuring a healthier indoor environment.

The intelligent automatic switches on the air cleaning automatically as soon as an air flow is measured.

99.9% Efficiency

Pollutants such as viruses, bacteria, and odors are actively decomposed and inactivated without harmful by-products.

>50.000h Product Life Span

Durable and low-wear components that don´t need to get serviced for years.

UV-A LED Photocatalysis

Scientifically tested and proven elimination of viruses, bacteria and toxic gases.

Filters, Destroys, & Neutralizes

Achieving clean and lasting outcomes, the AiroScience effectively absorbs and neutralizes particles as small as 0.1 µm, making it perfect for controlling pathogens and harmful particles.

This globally patented, certified, and highly efficient air purification technology operates with low maintenance and energy usage, emitting no harmful by-products like ozone.

Featuring a unique photocatalytic UV-LED filter, the AiroScience Ceiling Cassette Kit captures a wide range of harmful pollutants. It renders dust particles harmless and neutralizes germs, odors, and dangerous gases, ensuring a cleaner and safer environment.

Low Maintenance

Designed for continuous use. Regular cleaning as part of cassette maintenance is needed.

Automatic Mode

Automatic switching on and off depending on the operation of the air conditioner.

Patented Technology

Guaranteed unique solution thanks to international patenting.

99.9% Antiviral Performance

E.coli & Salmonella
Rota- & Noro Virus Coronavirus


99.9% effectiveness against airborne human coronavirus (HCoV-OC43), MERS coronavirus (MERS-CoV), SARS coronavirus (SARS-CoV), SARS-2019 coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2 ) and other pathogens has been confirmed by institutions such as Charité Berlin, Biotec Germany, airmid Ireland and the Korean Institute of Civil Technology South Korea.

These tests were carried out in biological safety laboratories according to strict standards, including ISO 16000-36:2018. It is further confirmed that the strong antiviral properties are also effective against new variants of viruses with a similar biological structure.

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