AH902 Professional

Experience ultimate air quality with our Dual-Function Air Purifier and Humidifier. Featuring VentWave 3D technology for efficient humidification, certified HEPA H14 Nelior filters, and UVC sterilization. Monitor air quality and humidity levels in real-time with the Venta Home App. Perfect for spaces up to 750 ft²*.

AP902 Professional

Transform your indoor environment with our cutting-edge air purifier! Featuring certified HEPA H14 Nelior filters, capable of trapping particles as tiny as 0.07 µm, it ensures your air is pristine. Keep a finger on the pulse of air quality with the intuitive Venta Home App, offering real-time monitoring. Designed for spaces up to 800 ft²*.


Ultra-thin at 9 cm, FLAT™ combines air improvement with wall art, saving space. Patented structure and long-lasting filter ensure efficient air purification. Measures 10 indicators, controllable via the app for easy management.


Discover AiroScience WAD-S10: A cutting-edge air purifier offering active particle decomposition, a long-lasting 50,000-hour filter life, and no harmful emissions. Combines HEPA and activated carbon filters with UV-A-LED technology for comprehensive air cleansing. Ideal for any space.

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