WAD-20A: Advanced Air Purification Technology

Experience the next level of air purification with the WAD-20A. Our patented photocatalytic UV LED technology ensures safer spaces by effectively removing airborne bacteria and viruses with over 99.9% efficiency, leaving no residue behind. Say goodbye to allergens, odors, and harmful pathogens with confidence.

Photocatalytic UV LED
99.9% Antibacterial and Antiviral

4-Levels Air Filtering System

Eliminates mold spores,
pollen and allergens

Ozone Free

Removes all kinds of smells

Certificates and patented

No residue safety

Simple and convenient touch

Is Your Place Safe from Virus?

Nowadays, having an air purifier that can decompose bacteria and viruses is essential. Harmful gases from grilling fish and pork belly, Ultra fine Particle entering through windows all year round, and chemicals from the walls and floors of our homes, which cause atopy in children!

AiroScience eliminates bacteria, odors, and pollutants from everyday life. Equipped with a patented photocatalytic UV LED filter module technology, in can decompose 99.9% of the bacteria and viruses in the air, providing a safer environment for daily activities!

A real air purifier should be able to destroy virus in the air!

With a patented photocatalytic UV LED technology, make spaces safer

Using patented photocatalytic UV LED technology, AiroScience breaks down and removes floating bacteria and viruses in the air, with over 99.9% effectiveness and without leaving any residue.

*”Photocatalyst Filter Module” Patent registration number (No. 10-2351680)

Certified deccomposition/removal performance against viruses and germs

Antibacterial: E. Coli, bacillus pyocyaneus, staphylococcus aureus

Antiviral: Removes rota and norovirus, and bacteriophage MS-2

Antiallergenic: eliminates pollen, dust, mold spores and odors

Blocks 99.9% of Ultra fine Particle

Compact 4-Stage Air Purification

The quad safe filtering system purifies indoor air by removing large particles, Submicron Particles (0.3um) and all odors.

WAD-H20: 1-Level Dual intaking structure / WAD-H30: 2-Level Quad intaking structure