WAD-M20 Premium Air Purifiers with anti-bacterial and antiviral features

Welcome to the next level of air purification with the AiroScience W-M20. Our cutting-edge air purifier is designed to eliminate viruses, bacteria, allergens, and odors, creating a cleaner and safer indoor environment for you and your loved ones.


A new composite air purifier. In addition to air purification, removing viruses and pollen and allergens perfectly!

Photocatalytic UV LED 99.9% Antibacterial and Antiviral

4-Levels Air Filtering System

Eliminates mold spores, pollen and allergens

Ozon Free

Removes all kinds of smells

Certificates and Patented technology

No residue Safety

Simple and convenient touch operations

Is Your Place Safe from Virus?

Harmful gasses from grilling fish and pork belly, Ultra-fine particles entering through windows all year round, and chemicals from the walls and floors of our homes, which cause atopy in children! AiroDoctor eliminates bacteria, odors, and pollutants from everyday life. Equipped with a patented photocatalytic UV LED filter module technology, it decomposes 99.9% of bacteria & viruses in the air providing a safer environment for daily activities! Air purification is now a basic necessity, and air purifiers that break down germs and viruses are essential.

A real air purifier should be able to destroy viruses in the air!

With Photocatalytic UV LED Filer, make spaces safer

Using patented photocatalytic UV Led Technology, AiroDoctor breaks down and removes over 999% of the floating bacteria & viruses in the air without leaving any residue.

* “Photocatalyst Filer Module” Patent registration number (No. 1-2351680)

99%+ Viruses and bacteria of photocatalytic UV LED filer

99%+ Antibacterial - E. coli and Salmonella

99%+ Antiviral - Removes rota and norovirus, and bacteriophage MS-2

99%+ Antiallergenic - Eliminates pollen, dust, mold spores and odors

That makes the space safe from viruses
Principle of Photocatalytic UV LED

Patented photocatalytic filers, powered by over 30 tightly-mounted UV LEDs, are designed to quickly (within 60 minutes) decompose and remove viruses without any leakage.

Safely decompose/remove without leaving any harmful residue

Ozone safety

Ozone Safety

This product is designed to be non-irritating to the respiratory system of users, as it does not employ the use of any irritating gases such as ozone.

CO2 and H2O

Breaking down with harmless components

When removing viruses and bacteria, Converted into CO2 and H2O, which are then dissipated into the air without leaving any residue.ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

Certificated Antiallergic Function

Allergenic substances, such as pollen, dust, and mold spores, are effectively filtered through the AirScience and broken down into harmless components.



Stage 1

Neutralizes hair, fiber, and dust

Activated Carbon Filter

Stage 2

Neutralizes tobacco smoke, chemicals, and odors

HEPA Filter (H13 Grade)

Stage 3

Neutralizes ultra-fine dust, particles, remove pollutants, mold spores, and bacteria

Photocatalytic UV LED Filer

Stage 4

Smallest viruses particles and bacteria can be removed permanently