Revolutionize Indoor Air Quality Management with AQ Extender™

The AQ Extender revolutionizes indoor air quality management with its wireless smart ventilation control system. Continuously receiving air quality and pressure data from sensors within the tenant space, the Extender employs advanced algorithms to optimize fresh air intake and exhaust, ensuring healthier indoor environments while conserving energy.


Smart Air Quality Control

Promotes healthier indoor air quality by dynamically adjusting ventilation based on real-time air quality and pressure conditions

Energy-Efficient Ventilation

Saves energy by optimizing fresh air intake and exhaust, reducing unnecessary reconditioning of air

Seamless Integration

Easy installation and integration with AQ Family of products for comprehensive air quality management

Smart Ventilation Controller - Wireless Control based on in-space Air Quality and Pressure Conditions

Advanced Controls for Fresh Air Intake & Exhaust Air

AQ Extenders™ moves past the use CO2 as an estimation of ventilation to knowing the space zone pressures and then making this information actionable by the HVAC ventilation system. By dynamically controlling air exhaust with fresh ventilation needs, AQ Extenders ensures the health of the air inside buildings while saving energy. Based on integrated microelectronics technology, AQ Extender is a low cost, reliable path to healthier buildings.

The AQ Family of products is designed to make installation fast and easy.

The AQ Extender combines knowledge of both air and ventilation quality to optimize the introduction of new air without incurring unnecessary energy cost associated with reconditioning of the new air. AQ Extenders wirelessly receives CO2, VOCs and PM2.5 Air Quality information from inside the tenant space. This is used to control the amount of fresh outside air introduced into the ventilation system. Ventilation quality is measured in terms of space pressure in each zone. AQ Extender wirelessly receives pressure data from up to 4 tenant zones. Exhaust is controlled based on maintaining positive pressure in the tenant space, providing assurances that the air is moving through the ventilation and filtration system.

The Extender is design to be installed in the RTU and wired to an economizer and/or powered exhaust. The Extender receives in-space air quality and pressure data from the AQ Indoor Display units mounted in the tenant space. The Extender and Indoor unit communicate with Wi-Fi.

If the radio signal does not penetrate the roof, reference the AQ Controls product which supports communications over the thermostat R and C hardwires.



AQ® Family of compatible products

AQ Thermostat is designed to send air quality and pressure data over the R and C wires. CO2 and pressure data from the thermostat and up to 3 attached AQ Indoor units contribute to the control algorithms. Optional VOCs and PM 2.5 sensors available. Works with Economizer and Heat Pumps.

AQ Indoor can be used standalone communicating pressure and air quality data to AQ Controls over thermostat’s wires. Conversely, AQ Indoors can be associated with the AQ Thermostat for additional zones. At a glance indicators provide air quality and ventilation quality indicators. Mobile app available.

Installation Overview

Installation in the RTU:

Installation of Air Quality and Pressure Measurement units inside the building:

Three Options to connect Indoor Units to the Exntender: