AQ Indoor Display

An Enhanced Ventilation and Air Quality Monitor for schools and offices

Introducing AQ INDOOR® Display by XCSpec

AQ INDOOR® Display is at the forefront of creating safer and healthier environments in schools and offices. Designed to aid the reopening of these spaces, AQ INDOOR® Display is an innovative solution for continuously monitoring CO2 levels and air pressure in any room. Its intuitive design presents vital air quality information in an easily understandable format. Adhering to California CEC guidelines for school reopening post-COVID, AQ® Display is a reliable indicator of ventilation quality, essential for maintaining a healthy indoor environment.

Key Features:

AQ® Components

The AQ® solution includes room-mounted Displays and an outdoor Pressure Transmitter. The Displays monitor and exhibit CO2 levels, while the Transmitter, installed outdoors, measures ambient pressure. This integrated system ensures accurate monitoring of indoor air quality, facilitating better ventilation control.

AQ® App

AQ Indoor Display - Detailed Features


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