Laser Marking

Macrotron provides contract laser engraving and laser cutting services to companies throughout the United States. From complicated medical and industrial products to promotional and highly decorative items, high speed YAG and CO2 laser systems enable Macrotron to provide precise quality marking and job flexibility. With both types of lasers Macrotron has the equipment for any laser markable material.

The laser marking process is ideal for a variety of materials, surfaces, and compositions. Marking depth can be easily controlled allowing for fine, delicate marking as well as more aggressive forms of industrial marking. Laser marking is well suited to irregular surfaces where contact printing fails.

Laser marking offers many advantages for manufacturers looking for a product marking solution, such as:

» Indelible marks
» No surface contact
» Sharp image
» No pre or post treatment needed
» Precise placement
» Quick change via software
» Barcodes and unique serialization
» No consumable materials

Laser marking process.

Laser marking process on small components.

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