Product Conception & Design

Macrotron has a long-standing reputation of turning our customers' complex ideas into final products. Our engineers work with you to provide cost-effective and high quality manufacturing solutions. From product conception to completion, we focus on providing a broad range of complete end-to-end strategies.

The advanced preparation and product conception saves you time and money by limiting prototype failure. In-house tooling capabilities add to the success of the new product and allow for us to manufacture large quantities in a short amount of time. Macrotron's commitment to customer satisfaction is unparalleled and our quality control is unmatched.


Complete Product Development

Using a concurrent engineering/business team approach, we can bring new products to production on schedule and within budget.

» Develop and manage a complete product development program
» Working closely with marketing, we can develop Product Design Specifications
» Make technical feasibility assessments and recommendations
» Create and present design review packages to management
» Provide technical assistance and training to engineers
» Develop a feasible model, prototype model, pilot model, production model
» Complete product documentation packages including manuals
» Develop renderings and functional animations of products for visual marketing aides
» Virtual Prototyping using AutoCAD, SolidWorks & AutoDesk Inventor solid modeling software

Computer Aided Design

Aiding our customers with new product development is a focus for Macrotron because the better we perform, the higher volumes we are able to manufacture for those who chose to use us. New product development starts with the Industrial Design process and 3D CAD renderings. Macrotron Systems Product Design services are located in Silicon Valley, CA.

» CAD Product development from concept to production or developing the concept from your original ideas.
» Utilizing state of the art mainstream softwares in order to give your project the best tools available.
» SolidWorks: 3D mechanical design
» Pro-E / Mechanica: 3D mechanical design
» AutoDesk Inventor: 3D mechanical design